(see also)
Ssh client for Win95,NT (PuTTY) is here

Solar Designer's security patch (non executable stack area, restricted /proc etc.) for 2.0 and 2.2 Linux kernel is here.
Excellent scripting language aimed at automating requests on web pages - Elza
Updated in real time, mailing list archive. Linux kernel archive.
Writing secure code - list of resources
Content acceleration module for Apache - mod_gzip
TCP flow recorder tcpflow


Programming in C
The Linux Programmer's BouncePoint
The Linux Programming site
Linux Programmer's Guide
UNIX programming and system administration stuff
Pawel Cichosz--Software Engineering Page
Linux assembly programming page - Hey dude! Learn how to use assembly language in Unix.
Socket (network) programming
Raw IP Networking FAQ
BSD Sockets: A Quick And Dirty Primer
SPENCER'S SOCKET SITE - collection of nice links
Network Programmer's Guide and Reference
Free (Open Source) Tools - (packet generators, net scanning, IP filters, sniffers, kernel patches - Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD)

BSD links

Main FreeBSD site
Daemon news
BSD News and Information
BSD DevCenter (O'Reilly)

Linux links

Linux Hardware Database
Linux Magazine
Linux 2000 - Information resource. Good site.
Linux Today - Latest news
Linux news
Linux Doc - HOWTO's, FAQ, kernel HOWTO too
LinuxCare - It tracks the activities of various developer mailing lists.
Kernel Book - It just stared, but looks promising.
Linux kernel archives
Linux-MM - Documentation on the Linux memory management subsystem.
Rik van Riel's Linux kernel patches
Linux kernel (2.4) internals. - Introduction to the Linux 2.4 kernel. Written by Tigran Aivazian
Kernel documentation - Lots of links to on-line kernel documents (ie. KHG, Overview of VFS, Network Buffers And Memory Management ...). Short description included. Excellent start point.
VM guide


IA manuals - Technical hardware description (from Intel)
Intel Literature Center - Latest technical documentation on-line
Arstechnica - Mostly about hardware

Other documentation

The FTP Protocol Resource Center - related RFC's, source codes, links, docs
Standards (and Cross References) - Lots of technical docs
Linux, X.25, Frame Relay and Related Info
NET-3-HOWTO.html - Networking under Linux
Help-Site Computer Manuals - Over 800 free documents and faqs!
Groff - Table of Contents
! Dana French Unix Korn Shell Curses Javascript Menu
SHELLdorado Links
DevCentral Learning Center

Unix administration

Unix Guru Universe
HENSA Unix Home Page
UnixWorld Online Magazine Home Page

Ada and SDL

SDL Forum Society
Ada95 Lovelace Tutorial Home Page
- good ESA/ESTEC/WME HOOD Papers
Real-Time Encyclopaedia

Search Engines

Google Search:
Linux Ftp Watcher - searchable file directory
Linux Journal Archive
Linux Archive Search: Welcome

Window Managers for X

Software sites

Welcome to L I N U X B E R G
Woven Goods for Linux - Software

The Linux Kernel: Table of Contents
The Linux Kernel Hackers' Guide
LDP links.html
freefire-l: Tools Page
VA Research
Home of The Webalizer
Linux Network Drivers
Slashdot.org: News for Nerds. Stuff That Matters.
..( freshmeat - news )..
Linux Weekly News
Linux NOW!
Linux-MM; main page.
Trinux: A Linux Security Toolkit
The Guild
Shell Command Language Index
Linux NET-2/3-HOWTO: Experimental and Developmental modules.


The Ancient Egypt Site


Search Inside CERN
CERN STING information service
occam - what is it?
The Occam archive
The Occam archive
Internet Parallel Computing Archive
Queen's Award 1990
Computer Science Department Web Page
The Transputer archive