Whowatch changelog
May 2000
- added 'c' key in processes tree, load averages info, code for proper handling ftp logins, bug fixes April 2000
- ported to FreeBSD and OpenBSD, added PageUp,PageDown,Home,End keys, major optimalization issues 27 February 2000
- corrections in the man page, small bug fix, RPM package 6 September 1999
- all screen routines rewritten, added cursor movement in the process tree, added ability to send INT and KILL signals and to show process' owner 28 June 1999
- added ability to display all system processes (init tree) 27 June 1999
- fixed bug with key handling and SIGINT handling reported by Christophe Long at Webmotion Inc. 3 June 1999
- added cursor and support for screen scrolling 25 June 1999
- added code for processes tree written by Jan Bobrowski (see jb ) 3 June 1999
- added cursor and support for screen scrolling

4 April 1999

- added 't' key to toggle display between processes and users' idle time
- fixed seg fault when size of utmp file at the program start was zero (reported by Sean Chittenden)
- faster response for key pressing
- code cleanup

30 March 1999

- new type of logins ('local login') and support for sshd1 added by Jayson Larose(jayson@linuxbox.com)
- added 'q' key to quit
- more info in README

20 March 1999
- fixed problem with line updating

14 March 1999
- added 'r' key to restart

12 March 1999

- added colors and processes information

9 March 1999

- fixed seg fault when user immediately logged out after loggin in